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Thread: Neumann TLM 103 vs 102 (vs Rode Broadcaster) for Voiceover

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    Neumann TLM 103 vs 102 (vs Rode Broadcaster) for Voiceover

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    Hi guys,

    Currently I use a Blue Yeti for my Youtube maths channel where I provide tuition. I have had feedback here before about turning off the noise gate and things which i will do. The Yeti is nice for the price but I think it sounds too harsh and I want to get a good mic as I have hundreds of videos planned and some teachers are using my videos in their classrooms with old crappy speakers and students use it through old phone speakers - so audio is very important for me.

    Currently this is what it sounds like - not great I know.

    I need to get a good mic now as the next series of videos will be very important for students and teachers.


    So I was originally thinking about the Rode Broadcaster because it is a very common broadcasting microphone in a lot of radio stations. I specifically like the enhanced proximity effect of the Rode. Booth Junkies has tested this against the legendary SM7B and it sounds like he likes the Rode more. I've given a link to the point he starts talking about the proximity effect (at about 8 minutes 40 seconds). And this is the effect I would really like to have, a closer more full voice with bassyness.

    But I have also been looking at the TLM 102 and 103 as they both also have proximity effect, but I noticed the TLMs have nicer and softer and smoother tones? And the 103 from videos sounds brighter on the top end which I like (but would it suit my voice I wonder).

    So guys, what would you recommend out of the three? I don't mind the cost as it is a one time purchase and my channel would pay for it and it would be a great investment.

    Thank you.

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    bcm 104?
    102, 103.....104 is the broadcaster mic. dont hear much about it. its 22mv/pa sensitivity.

    Rode is 19 mv/pa

    SM7 1.2 mv/pa

    depends on your room too, I had a 28mv/pa and it can pickup the attic
    and even with a gate/expander you have that background noise people with good systems will hear the noise.

    HEIL PR40 is around 1.9mv/pa or -54db. Some say a little more like a LDC but dynamic benefits.

    Let the room decide which mic?
    If you dont have below -20db noise floor in your room @ idle, I would wonder about a LDC with sensitivity. Im dealing with that.
    A Dynamic would be a better choice and then get working on a nice "strip" to add some gloss and warmth FM radio vibe.

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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    My recommendation is a Heil PR40 dynamic mic. I haven't used the Rode Broadcaster, but did use the Rode Podcaster, and it was poor enough that I thought it might be a counterfeit Chinese mic. I'm guessing that you aren't in the USA, but in case you are, you can sometimes get the Heil with a boom at a good price. The Yeti is a pretty decent mic for the price, and I wouldn't expect to see an improvement unless you got up into the $400-$500 range. The issue with Yeti is that it is sensitive enough to pick up outdoor sounds, like the dog down the street barking at the mailman.

    One issue with non-USB mics is that you'll need an interface and, with dynamic mics, would likely benefit from a Cloud Lifter as well.

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