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Thread: Mics for under $100 - that just may work for you.

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    Harvey, I'm new hear but it didn't take long to see that you're hovering 3' above the recording mountaintop, so if it's proper, I'd welcome a recommendation for a pair of title-of-this-thread mics for my Tascam DR40. I'm replacing a stolen H2 that I never used with externals, but now that I have XLR connectors I'm into spreading out a bit, so to speak. I'm a performer in a pretty decent concert band, and a stand-up brass ensemble (read: loud) both of which I want to document with the Tascam. Thanks for your time...

    Charlie Groh

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    Not sure if it got a mention but for under 100 quid I don't think you can go wrong with a Rode M3 myself.
    Cheaper and better (imo) than the AKG C1000 and very usable on a variety of sources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvey Gerst View Post
    Because they don't; small, omnidirectional mics have the flattest frequency response and most accurate sound.
    Not sure why you keep pimping omnis-? Yeah sure they generally have less feedback and distortion, but they also pick up everything from all directions, which often is not desired.

    Quote Originally Posted by James Argo View Post
    Lesson learned, never hate a brand
    An even better one IMO is to never hate OR love a brand, period. Take each product on its own merits. Every time I hear someone go "oh I hate" (or "oh I love") X brand" I ignore them and their judgment on the topic generally goes downward in my eyes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Auralsects View Post
    The lowest price mic you should ever buy is a 57

    you can hate the sound, but you know the sound
    What a rousing endorsement.

    Great thread topic though. After more than a little reading/research, it would seem the $100ish or less (allowing for those $99.95 types) mics worth considering are below (first 4 are dynamics, last are LDC). I quickly add I haven't used so take with a big grain of salt:

    GLS 57,58
    behringer 8500
    sennheiser 835
    shure 57,58
    behringer C1
    behringer B1
    MXL 770
    MXL 990
    MXL 67

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    I have 2 mics for less than 100 that I have used for a while and they have been great mics, The Electro-Voice cobalt c09, and the mxl 990. The cobalt is a dynamic that has a similar frequency response and range to the sm58, and the mxl 990 large diaphragm condenser has been good for many a vocal track. I am quite impressed with the mics mxl puts out, they do a great job for the money.

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