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Thread: interface or mic suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickster View Post
    For what you seem to want to steaming........a DAW might not really be your answer.....especially if you want to adjust on the fly. I'm assuming your budget is keeping you from getting a small digital mixer. Ebay or the like should offer used small mixers with all the effects you've already a pretty low price. Of'd need one that accepts a USB mic.
    yeah, i found that reaper adds a strange delay to my audio sadly. i had a quick look at the mixers suggested but not sure they will do everything id like

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    mrNobody......there seems to be lots of mixers out there for streaming purposes. All price ranges and capabilities. Some are stand alone and some are plug-ins. Many have various effects. I'm sure one of them will serve your purpose......but your budget will determine whether or not you can afford it. If you're going to be doing lots of live may need to go in that direction.
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