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Thread: Helping connectiong external microphone to my phone

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    Helping connectiong external microphone to my phone

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    Hey im new here,

    Im facing a very annoying issue and I wanna get some help ><
    Im trying to connect my external condenser microphone (powered by cheap 48v phantom power supplier, no audio interface) to my samsung galaxy s8 plus to the headphone jack through 3.5 microphone splitter adapter which should work, but somewhy its not working! and im freaking nuts because of it...
    ive seen many videos where people do the exact same thing and it does work!!! (only difference is phone and microphone, im using audio technica 2020 XLR).
    And yes im using TRRS adapter and im connecting the microphone from the phantom power "OUT" port to the 3.5 female microphone jack.
    When im recording it says using external microphone but no voice coming to my phone

    Any ideas why its not working somebody??
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    Hey again,

    sorry to bother people who think my questions is stupid/not in place (I think so cause no one answered me in more than 3 days) BUT HEY, I solved the problem so im posting this to let other people know how I did it

    So what I did:

    After 2 days in a row of trying to get this work with dozens of apps installed and money spent on few adapters (which none of them worked) I was sitting desperately trying to get this work again and then while playing with the cables for no reason I realized that when I connect my microphone it does get that sound of connection for a half sec which is probably happenes of the electricity.
    So I tried to test my mic while it less connected or barely connected just somewhere when it gets the electricity noise and WHOOP IM GENIUS, it did actually got to record me while barely touching the 3 pins on the mic...
    And after about 5-10 mins I connected it completely (like I did at the start) and it works for some mircle :0
    It makes no sense and I still dont understand why it didnt work before I did it... Someone? xD

    Anyways, I realized that the thicker and better quality the cable is the better sound I get from it but still not as powerful as from a pc for some reason....

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    Glad you got something to work. The only thing that I connect to my phone is the charger and the USB cable to the computer. I realize it's a smartphone, and it does fine for getting those occasional emails and texts, pictures when I forget my camera, and even browsing the 'net when I'm looking for things are Lowes, but I wouldn't use it for any serious recording.

    I have much better options (H4n, Zoom R24) for recording audio.

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