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Thread: Can I successfully record my soprano voice with Focusrite 2i2 3rd generation studio?

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    I dropped your MP3 into Samplitude ProX 3 Rich and found much the same result as before.

    This time I used my 'studio' desktop ( Asus, 6 core 3g AMD) and the onboard sound card was disabled and all the audio ran through my KA6 with ASIO drivers. I always have all effects off on all my machines.

    The screenshots show the level still hits 0dBfs (didn't quite catch Prntsc in Sam) both in Samplitude and Audacity. Not shown but Adobe Audition 1.5 does the same.
    There is also the same drop in level in mono and the piano tone changes.

    I shall try your YT 'grabber'.

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    I just paste the link into one of the tools in VLC.

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