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Thread: Buying An Used NT1

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    Exclamation Buying An Used NT1

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    Hi Guys! My first post here! I´m starting to buy the equipment for my home studio... I was ready to order a new NT1000 but i found a cheap cheap used NT1 here in town. So i decided to go for it. Tomorrow i´ll go to check it out, but i have a BIG doubt. How can i be sure that the mic has no internal damage? I mean, i can´t know if the guy treated it the right way (pop killer etc), so, how can i know if everything is OK under the metal shell.
    It´s kind of urgent, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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    If it is that cheap and you find something wrong with it later, you will easily recoup the cost on ebay selling it as an item that needs repair.

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