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Thread: Beta 52a or AKG d112?

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    I like the D112, but not because it's a kick drum standard. Not unlike the Sennheiser MD421, it's just a good dynamic mic that can be used for a lot of things. It's good on acoustic bass (what it was designed for), bass cabs, voicevers, Djembe, and certain vocals. But that modern clicky kick drum sound is not its strongest suit. I expect more of a classic rock sound from it. I use it for country/bluegrass, blues, jazz, R&B, and classic rock. For that modern clicky sound, I prefer Audix D6. I'm amazed Moresound gave one away. It's a punk/alternative standard.-Richie

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    I don't know Richard. I've never really liked the D6. Not that it's a bad microphone, I guess it's just a personal preference.
    The D6 (and for that matter the Sennheiser e602 or e902) wasn't even included in the Pro Audio Review's *workhorse Dynamic Microphones* Look HERE
    The shoot out included the AKG d112, Sennheiser md421, Shure beta52, EV re320, Heil pr40, Shure sm7b. The workout for these microphones included Kick drum, bass and guitar cabs, male and female vocals, trumpet and a few other duties.

    The winner the EV RE320 was chosen between the performing artists and the review writer/recording engineer.

    For anyone who doesn't receive PRO AUDIO REVIEW magazine I strongly suggest subscribing to the rag or find it on line to read ..... for it's a great source of information and I believe the only one left in the US that is in publication solely in the vein of pro audio. I get mine for free. I guess it's all on how you fill out the form, I have a few audio businesses.
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