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Thread: Best microphone for recording my saxophone

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob aylestone View Post
    Luispa - in the clips above, to be honest, I like the unmodified MXL out of all of them, and the tascam second.It's just preference but the modded mics sound just Too harsh for me. I'd end up taking the top off, which would undo the modification's effect which seems to be 4K-8k boost??
    Thank you for your opinion. At this time I sold the MXL 990 and the AKG Perception 200 and bought a Shure KSM27 and an Audio Technica AT2020. My current microphones are:
    - Shure KSM 27
    - Audio Technica AT2020
    - Tascam LD 74
    - Shure SM98A (miniature capsule, for wind instruments)
    - Shure 16AM
    - AKG Perception 170 (2)
    - Audio Technica Pro 25 (kick drum microphone but works very nice with tenor saxophone)
    - Audio Technica MB3000L (2, dynamic microphones for live vocals, to harsh and thin sounding for saxophones)

    Also, since I started this thread I've been experimenting with microphone placing and I guess I did some progress. In the last SoundCloud clips the distance between the saxophone bell and microphones was around 12 inches. I also did a video comparing different recording ways in which the distance was around 3 feet and the audio was less clear, I'll start a new thread about that video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whome View Post
    This is 100% SUBJECTIVE.

    There is no such thing as a 'best' mike.

    There is a mike that YOU like most based on your listening to it
    but also as constrained by your budget and how much you are willing to pay to get something that sounds DIFFERENT.

    Instead of buying what somebody else likes, rent some various mikes and listen to them yourself.
    Then pick the one you like most.
    Thank you very much for your reply. At this time I realized that microphone positioning may have more impact that the microphone itself.

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    Saxes live are always a real problem. mics that have unusual lobes in their pic up patterns can often sound very different because of the transition from 100% bell sound on the low notes to very little from the bell on the hi ones, especially harmonics. Trying to EQ in the harmonics always makes them sound really horrible and kazoo like, when the real screams, squeaky sound comes from the first few holes near the top joint. In the studio you can go further away, but on stage you're looking for the mic that can get in close yet hear the bell and the holes around G, A and B. On an alto, not too tricky, but on a tenor more of a stretch and on a baritone you often end up with a honky mess. All the bigger saxes and things like bass clarinets and bassoons cam be terrible to record. Bassoon especially so live with a bassoon needing two mics to get that characteristic sound. However, the worst instrument in the world to amplify for the stage is the bagpipes - of the highland variety the worst!

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    Luispa, I have not read every reply so this might have been asked/answered.

    Where do you live and if in Australia, I might be able to help. I have some microphones that were specifically designed for Sax and from a number of pro users (I do not play Sax) the reports are that they are excellent.

    If you wish you could send me a PM.


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