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Thread: best, affordable condenser mic for vocals&acoustic guitar

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    actually we're both wrong, 1st- treat the room!
    In His Name
    Big Kenny

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    Then I have done everything wrong, I have an untreated room, a $200 pre-amp and an SDC mic, hoping to get an LDC to add to the collection.
    In other words, it works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleejay80 View Post
    I'm a recording noob, but I've been playing the guitar and been singing for a long time.

    If someone asked me for the best affordable guitar, I'd recommend either a strat or a les paul.

    Best mic, shure sm58.

    Instead of saying "only you can decide..."

    If that was so, there wouldn't be a point to these forums, don't you think?
    Except: we don't know you, have no idea of your budget, of the condition (room for example) in which you'll be using them type of material on which you'll be using them, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum

    except this is a question that has been asked and responded in intractable to catalog if not infinite number of ways in the past . . . search can be as much a friend as google

    except that now you mention that you would, out of hand, recommend strat or LP as affordable entry level guitars I now know enough to keep my mouth shut concerning appropriate affordable mic

    (of course if I were going to respond I might say U47 (pretty damn near as a Neumann (which is an unfortunate joke based on a different thread )

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    I wouldn't call a LP affordable unless your talking about a LP "Studio" model. The LP Traditional Plus I have Retailed for $2300 which isn't affordable for most people. Now a USA Strat would fit that bill well.
    Unless you get into the USA Custom models. LOL I'm thinking of getting a AT-4040 Condenser Mic for my Acoustic guitar (Martin HD-28) Retail $299 but I can get one for around $250. Most sound engineers
    call the AT-4040 a very good entry level Mic but for as much as I'm going to use it it's more than entry level. I'm a Newb at the recording thang :-) The Engineer at my old church loves the 4040.
    Now if I had tons of $$ and recorded all the time I'd just go get a Royer 121. Trying to decide on a microphone to me is harder than picking out a new guitar.

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