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Thread: Advice wanted best mic for longer distance recording

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    Don't need the blimp? I think you may have just been lucky. Turn the gain up on an interference tube mic in anything other than very light breeze and the result can be a hurricane. Why do you think people spend the fortune they do on wind protection. Indoors, you can get away with it, but even moving one of these indoors in still air can sound noisy. Foam on the end is pointless - the mic element is at the handle end - the tube is empty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huli1 View Post
    All good advice and some options to look at. Actually when I used the D900 it was just as is with the foam at end for wind and as noted it picked up fine from long distances no problem at all. The shotgun mics you have all recommended I can check out - don't need blimp really for what I am doing. So again thanks to all for the inputs.
    The only place a shotgun mic with a bit of foam on the end is any good for recording is about 100 miles space.

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