Hello Everyone,

Just finished up another Instructable.

In my never ending quest for a high quality ribbon microphone in every studio locker (chicken in every pot), I designed a tool to help corrugate ribbons for ribbon microphones.

Using some crafting gears, I fashioned a 3-D printed frame, a stepper and Arduino and a footswitch to allow you to corrugate your ribbon microphone elements easily and consistently.

Please check it out.

Ribbon Corrugator (crimper) for Ribbon Microphones among other things

Next project in the queue is a fully automated Ribbon element tuner. Basically put a ribbon microphone truss into a carrier, lay the ribbon in, fix one end of the ribbon, and the other will be held down on a sliding part. It will automatically inject a (user selectable) frequency at (user selectable) amplitude and a stepper will adjust the tension for optimal gain. Then fix the other end of the ribbon.

You should then have a nicely tuned ribbon element. Well at least that's the plan, but I'm sure I will face a number of challenges.

Trick here, is Iím designing a set of interchangeable carriers for a variety of different ribbon microphone trusses. So pick the carrier for your mic truss, such as an MXL R80, put the truss in the carrier, and the carrier in the tuner, and you are ready to go.

Once done with that, I'm going to revisit this corrugator, modifying it for 1" wide gears with a diametrical pitch of 64 and a larger stepper. But since custom made gears are so costly this will take some time to get back to.

I hope you find it useful, and look forward to any suggestions you might have.