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Thread: Synth Hardware/Set Up Recommendations Needed

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    Question Synth Hardware/Set Up Recommendations Needed

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    Hey - wondering if I can get some advice...

    I live in SE Asia and I tend to hop around every so often. This poses a problem when accumulating "stuff." I'd like to build a small keyboard set up where I can play with sounds and sound generation and record via Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro 2017 model.

    I have no idea what I'm doing...

    The biggest problem I have is that while I could buy something like the King Korg - that particular model is too big to stuff in a bag and ship on a plane when I move somewhere else. So, I need something more compact...but I also *want* 61 keys to fiddle with.

    So, what I thought about doing is buying a cheapish midi keyboard controller like the M-Audio Keystation 61 and then using a portable synth for sound generation for the controller - like maybe the Micro Korg MK-1. I'd theoretically run the controller through the synth and then to my laptop. The synth would be small enough that I could carry it to my next destination and the controller would be disposable.

    First - is this even possible?
    Second - I'd want something polyphonic
    Third - Any equipment suggestions?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Synth Hardware/Set Up Recommendations Needed

    Hello lost_in_java, I'm just gonna give my opinion.

    First of all when chosing a (midi) keyboard I suggest you to go to a music store to test some different keyboards out and pick the one you like the most (wich keys have the best touch to them, etc).
    Some suggestions for cheap midi keyboards:
    1) Behringer U-control UMX610: Some people hate Behringer, some people swear by this midi keyboard.
    2) M-Audio Keystation 61: small and cheap.
    3) Roland A-49: If you don't absolutely need 61 keys.
    4) Try looking for a good second hand midi keyboard (or synth). A lot of the time they have excellent keys/keybeds!

    When chosing a synth, do your research and if you can, go play with some in a local music store and watch / listen to a lot of demo's.
    Some suggestions for small polyphonic synthesizers:
    1) Waldorf Blofeld desktop: If you can get used to its layout, this synth is the way to go, it can generate some majestic sounds. Best of all, where I live the Microkorg and the Waldorf Blofeld are about the same price!
    2) Microkorg: A classic in synth-world!
    3) Roland D-05: It's small and it's a rebirth of the classic Roland D-50.
    4) Waldorf Streichfett: only usefull if you want that thick vintage string sound.

    And finaly you're initial setup would work perfectly fine:MIDI OUT (M-audio keystation) -> MIDI IN (Microkorg); AUDIO OUT (Microkorg) -> Audio Interface / Headphones. When you are considering buying hardware: do lot's of research and most importantly: try before you buy!

    I hope I could help a bit

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