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Thread: Playing Bass Pedals through my Piano?

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    Playing Bass Pedals through my Piano?

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    Hello everyone!

    As a newbie to midi, I have tried every way to get somewhat of an answer to this question. When I play piano, I like to kick bass. I bought a new Roland Bass Pedal unit. I have a Yamaha P-200 Piano.

    Is there a way I can use my bass pedals as a controller to play bass sounds from the pedals, while still using the piano sound on the keyboard?

    It seems nobody can figure this out. Of course, I could buy a bass module, but that is more equipment that I don't need!

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    Unfortunately, it is equipment that you do need. It is probably possible to make the bass pedals play the sound that you are using on the piano, but trying to get two different sounds out of the piano at the same time most likely isn't going to happen.
    Does the bass pedal unit have its own sounds, or is it simply a controller? If it has sounds, you just need a mixer of some kind to make it possible to listen to both at the same time.
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