Okay, I've been using Finale 2003 to compose for a while and I think it's time to get a keyboard--I have few questions. First of all, how sensitive is the HyperScribe tool on Finale? Does it pick up everything? (pitch bends, modulations, sustains, etc.) Can you, say, select the Viola staff, play something with the keyboard, and then have it notated for the viola? Or do MIDI controllers contain there own various tones and sounds? Can you buy more, better sounds? (Is that what softsynth is?)

I'm reluctant to get a MIDI controller because it seems like I can only use it through my computer. Do any MIDI controllers have onboard sound or the ability to connect with an amp?
What is a good MIDI controller for around $250 or less?
What is a good portable keyboard for around $250 or less?

I am considering the following models:
Edirol PCR50 controller
M-Audio Radium49 (or Radium61) controller
Casio WK3000 keyboard
Yamaha CBXK2 controller
Yamaha PSR-273 and PSR-292 keyboards

Thanks in advance!