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Thread: Keyboard Action

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    Keyboard Action

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    Iím trying to get into this stuff and finding the curves pretty steep but enjoyable. Currently I have a small home office ďstudioĒ and using Logic Pro X, Scarlett 2i2 interface and recently bought an M-Audio Oxygen 25 m kIV.

    I like the controller but the size is limiting and I would like to get a larger one. I am not a good keyboard player. Iím really just looking for one that will allow me a bit more range for my rudimentary technique.

    I want it for songwriting/compostion and home use only. I want it to be playable and not just for entering sequences. My tastes are varied though I tend not to be heavily influenced by the EDM/ hiphop/electronica side of things.

    I canít audition at the moment as weíre in the middle of lockdown here in the UK and Iíd like to get started while I have all this time from work to fill so Iím asking for guidance. Iíd like a 49 - key model for space/size balance. I might go to 61 though it would be a bit of a squeeze. I also want full-size keys.

    Thing is I have arthritis in my fingers and some keyboards pianos tend to be painful for me so action rather than bells and whistles is most important to me.

    I have a Roland HP 504 electric piano and I love itís action. If I could find a similar actioned controller Iíd jump at it regardless of any other quality ( as long as it worked well enough with Logic ) Roland doesnít seem to by hyped as much as other like Arturia etc though Iím not sure why. Are there issues with the brand as far as MIDI is concerned?

    I actually like the M-Audio Oxygen 25 action and this makes me highly tempted to blind - buy their 49 key version.

    About 10 years ago I tried some keyboards and found the ones with weighted action unpleasant to me and a bit less useful than unweighted synth type action. My memory might be wrong though and doubtless things will have moved on since.

    So, to summarise and avoid banging on any more, I want a keyboard for actual playing. Iíd like a 49 - (full - size) key controller with action similar to the Roland HP504 piano but I doubt this exists. So, as I like the Oxygen action, their 49 version is a strong contender. If anyone has any suggestions Iíd be grateful. At the moment Iím tempted to


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    49 can really be limiting because left hand bass and a high synth is impossible - go up to 61 and it's a bit better - but I'm struggling a bit with the 61 and keep using my 88 note piano for one reason - keyswitching. So many sounds now in the popular VSTis use notes all over the place to control or trigger sounds, and on my 61, you end up octave down/octave up to get access to what you need.

    My friend has rheumatoid arthritis and still plays an ancient Kong M1 because the action is so light. Most of the cheaper master keyboard controllers have a light touch nowadays - semi-weighted or weighted sound bad news if your joints are a bit iffy.

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    Thank you Rob. I am getting hold of an old M-Audio ES-61 temporarily to have a go with. My friend says itís semi weighted but in reality will not be much different from my Oxygen? I donít know.

    Itís looking like the Oxygen 61 might be the top of the list at the moment as the keys arenít weighted though if the ES 61 isnít much different I have the option of holding onto it for virtually nothing.

    Itís a pity there arenít controllers with the same action as my Roland. Did anyone know if the Roland GO or other series might be worth trying ? They wont have as good a feel as my piano but if I like what they did with it it would give me hopes of their other keyboards

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