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Thread: How to stream with mic + keyboard on Mac?

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    How to stream with mic + keyboard on Mac?

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    Im planning to play some music on my keyboard while i stream but im uncertain on how i should setup the whole thing so it works well. I am using a Mac for this.

    I have a c922 webcam with mic. I have an xlr-mic as well. I have a roland quad-capture. And an arranger leyboard.

    Keyboards audio-cable goes into the roland quad-capture, which is connected to my mac. I get the keyboards audio to work on the mac.

    But how do i get the sound to my headphones that i have connected to the roland quad-capture..? Naturally, i want to be able to talk while streaming without the webcam picking up the keyboards audio...

    How do i do this properly? Thanks for advises and pardon my noob question on this...

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    Why don't you have the XLR mic plugged into the Roland, too?

    If you are [video?] streaming, why not just stop playing while you talk?
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