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Thread: Help, Please –Amplification Setup for Jamming with Elec. Guitar, Elec. Piano and Vocs

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    Help, Please –Amplification Setup for Jamming with Elec. Guitar, Elec. Piano and Vocs

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    A friend of mine and I are going to be jamming in my living room, with
    • My friend on electric piano
    • Me on electric guitar
    • Both of us singing

    Past experience jamming elsewhere with a mixture of acoustic and electric instruments suggests two things to me – if I just play acoustic guitar while she is playing electric piano, we will each probably have to struggle to make our singing heard when singing.

    Hence my thought of us each having an SM58 to sing through.

    Also, playing electric guitar will give me more control over volume, as well as giving me more tones.

    Equipment I have available:
    • Several guitar amps 20 W, 30 W, and 40 W
    • Zoom R 16 recorder / audio interface / controller / (with stereo outs – see photo)
    • Roland FP4 Digital Piano Keyboard (with stereo outs – see photo)
    • KRK Powered Rokit 5 monitors (with Ľ” balanced TRS input, RCA unbalanced input, and XLR input – see photo)

    My initial thought is that I can route everything (keyboard, two 58’s, and guitar amp – or DI guitar) through the Zoom R 16, then go out and into the Rokit 5’s, but I am unsure how to go about that.

    So, given what I have said above, the questions I would appreciate some help with are:
    1. Does going into the Rokit 5’s sound like the best idea of where the signal should end up?
    2. How should the amplification here be achieved?
    3. What cables should I use in terms of balanced / unbalanced (never plugged the keyboard in before)?
    4. If I take a mono out from the keyboard, should I unplug the second Rokit monitor from the first one, or does that not matter?
    5. Will plugging the keyboard into one of the amps work? If so, should I presume that I should use the Aux. In, rather than the guitar inputs

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    You have 8 inputs on the Zoom.

    That means you can use two for vocal mikes.

    You can use another for a mike on acoustic guitar, or on the amp if you are playing electric.

    You can use either one or two for the keyboard. A couple of guitar leads would do for this.

    The speakers you connect to the back of the Zoom where it says output. Balanced TRS leads would be best for this, but you can get by with another pair of guitar leads.

    That should work for messing around. ANd you can hit record on the zoom and record the whole thing

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    gecko zzed,
    Many thanks for your helpful reply.

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