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Thread: great piano sound/sample from a cheap keyboard

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    OK - let me preface this by saying I am a guitar player, not a piano player. Only had 6 months of lessons as a kid, so my knowledge of stuff like MIDI, etc, is kaput.

    Now, I'm trying to add a piano part to a song. My ex-friend had an Alesis Q6, which had a fairly realistic piano sound on it. I now need to replace it - However I don't really want to go the $700 dollar route. - I've played with cheap keyboards at MARS, but can't find anything that sounds actually realistic within the 200-300 dollar range.

    Can anyone make any recommendations for me? Other features, like synth, strings, are less important - Mostly, I need piano bang for the buck.


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    Did you need to have a keyboard? Or is just a module OK? If you can stretch your budget a bit, take a look at the Kurzweil Micro Piano module. The catalog price is about $360. It has a good piano, plus some good strings, organ and a few other sounds. Effects, also.
    If you need to have a keyboard (and I don't mean to sound like a Kurzweil commercial here) check out the Kurzweil SP76 for $500.
    I think you'd be satisfied with the piano sound in these. I have essentially the same sound in my PC88mx and I like it.


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