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Yeah, that's said many times now by many people. Was even my first reaction in #3.
Then he could even simultaneously record an extra clean track to edit/double or whatever other fun tricks.

Perhaps he sticks to audacity as he doesn't know the benefits of a DAW and perhaps is afraid to step into it. I could imagine that, although the step to make is much smaller then many people think. I remember i was slightly reservedly then too, but very happy i did as HR-Nirvana opened for me and i still discover unknown corners and doors each time.
I guess he would go over right away if he knew he can do exactly what he does now but easier, and how much more options and posibilities next to that it will bring him.

At the end it is his decision and i will respect that.
Methinks you're spot on Alterman!

Now you know what I'm after, can you give a simple recommendation for what I need to buy?