Someone mentioned on the other board that Roland should keep coming out with more SRJV cards since slots for them are included on the new XV units.
One Expansion Card that would expand the life of our XPs and JVs would be an 8MB Flash Rom card. Both the Trinity and Alesis boards have this and it doesn't require any special hardware upgrades. Follow mw on this one.

All we would need is an empty SRJV card that would have Flash Rom. Samples could be sent to this Flash ROM via midi from some computer program that could read S700 or .wav files.

If we had an option like this, Roland could benefit becuase they could make us purchase their Sample CD ROMS for their S series samplers. All current JV and XP users would probably go for it.

Are you guys thinking 8MB is wimpy? Not necessarily. The Ensoniq TS10, EPS+, Trinity and Alesis X.1 series all have 8MB of Flash ROM and even Roland's own S Samplers max out at 32MB. Also don't forget that the SRJV10 Bass & Drums board thrives on 8MB of ROM, and we all know how realistic the stuff sounds on there.

So, what do you think about this guys? I think we should submit this idea to Roland. The XP50 has Flash ROM (for the OS), no extra hardware would be required, all we would have to do is buy the board. I repeat though, this is not so we could sample, this is for Sample playback, and could be a great addition to the SRJV line up.

The Infamous EPU.