Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in about the wolfgang special. Iv owned two, The first was the one with the trem. It sounded great but I never use a trem so when Peavey came out with the stop tail special.(I'm one of the first to own one of these. My local peavey dealer said he could not get them ,that peavey isn't releasing them yet but I got one) I sold my trem model and bought the new stop tail version. The first guitar they sent me was in pretty bad shape, chips in the paint weird stains in the neckwood and a nut that looked like it was glued in and filed by a 12 year old plus the black color was filthy with finger prints with in the minute s. "Send it back" I said and to peavey credit I had a new one with in 24 hours, sunburst this time. This guitar was much better but not perfect.The D string sounded like a banjo when played, a case of bad filing of the nut groove.

Although the workmanship may be suspect the tone is not. The wolfgang special puts out one of the best most original sounds I have ever heard. Their is a 3d quality to it. it is rich with harmonic content. It is a fairly high output pickup but the sound is very clear not at all muddy and the neck pickup is just perfect. the bridge pickup has a sort of tele twang to it, not at all like a Paul. I really cant say anything negative about the tone. OK maybe it doesn't clean up quite as nice as some guitars but I think its a fair trade off.
Now, From the moment I plugged my wolfgang special in I liked it.HoweverI wanted to see how would it fare against some stiff competition so I took the wolfi along with my 71 marshall SL and a powerbrake to a friends house. My friend who hated peavey owns some very high end high priced guitars.

To make a long story even longer We ended up comparing my wolfgang sp to 5 of his guitars.
A lespaul custom, A lespaul Jimmy Page, Two PRSs and a brian moore something or other.
In terms of build quality All were superior to my special (and they should be, we are talking $2000 - $4000 guitars) but tone is what I was most concerned about and I must say I was surprised at the results.
The only guitar that came close in pure tone was the jimmy Page. All others sounded rather stale and muddy compared to the wolfgang special. My friend just kept on grabbing guitars trying to find one that sounded as good as the special. He eventually gave up. "So John. What do you think of peavey now?" Well. I played a wolfgang standard once before but it didn't sound like this one.
in all fairness to John He wasn't playing through my marshall at the time either.
So what do I conclude after all of this.
Is the wolfgang special the best sounding guitar out of the bunch? Not necessaraly.
Different guitars sound different with different amps so who's to say what sounds best. I will say this, however. My wolfgang plugged into my 71 marshall sl going through Johns 72 marshall 4x12 (with original greenbacks) Sounded better than all 5 of his VERY high priced guitars.

Im very happy with my wolfgang special but there are a few others Id like to try namely a Reverend slingshot a G&L asat and a Guild Brian may.