Sometime back I asked on this forum if anyone had any suggestions on H/B's for my strat. Someone (to my embarrasment I have forgotten who) recommended the Seymour Duncan SH'59's.
They arrived yesterday and I put them in last night.
First I downloaded a schematic from Fender for a 2HB 1vol. 2 tone configureation. Then I wired it up. At this point I found it was wrong for the tele 3 position switch so had to stuff round unsoldering and poking with a screwdriver to make the amp squawk so I knew which one to solder to what.
It was about this time I burnt myself on the soldering iron and loudly voiced my displeasure.
This woke the old dragon who also loudly suggested I stop making a bloody noise and come to bed.
That is not the thing to say at a moment like that.
Next I found the H/B's wouldn't fit the body although it was routed for H/B's.
So out to the shed at 11pm. Couldn't get in there with the router, so had to put the router bit in the drill press.
Needed a rule so into the workbench locker I went and succeeded in pulling down a 1/2" roundbar steel frame I am making as an ornamental sculpture down on top of my head. More yelling and swearing. This starts the neighbours' dog up which in turn starts mine up, I yell at the bloody dog (still in pain by the way) which again wakes the wife - I am in deep shit by now, but the pain and lump on my head makes me rise above it and so I routed about 1/4 inch deep channel so the H/B could fit and another 1/4" off the front to allow it to move forward and fit in.
Eventually got to bed at midnight, job finished, even I wasn't brave or stupid enough to try it out then.
This morning before work, oh sweet delight! that was some good advice, it is really nice. So although I can't remember who it was, thanks for the info it is really appreciated.
Must go now and apologise to the neighbours for disturbing them and to the dog, it's not really a mongrel gutted bastard.