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Thread: Return of: Guitar Wiring Issues

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    I really don't know what's going on here.
    You should be able to just wire a pickup straight to a 1/4 socket without issues like that ^.

    In fact, that's not a bad idea!
    They don't need to be in the guitar : A light tap with a paper clip or anything metal will confirm good connection + output.

    I'd wire pup 1 straight to 1/4" and test, then the same for pup 2.
    If those check out fine, hook them both to your switch and take its output to the 1/4" for testing.
    then...well, you get the rest...test a pickup with volume pot, then with gain pot, then the same for the other etc.

    Bit of a pain but, I mean, it shouldn't be this hard!
    I'd get it all on the bench and methodically figure out what's going wrong.
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    I see what you mean... Good idea...

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