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Thread: Pedal Power/Power Conditioning

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    Pedal Power/Power Conditioning

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    I'm looking into getting a pedal power supply for my pedal board. Right now I am using 9 pedals that require power and a passive volume pedal. I am also using george l's cables on the board and in the fx loop on the amp. I am noticing that I have several NOISY ASS pedals. When I say noisy I don't mean noisy as in bad cables or grounding problems.... its line noise. My Digitech whammy pedal is loud as hell the Hoil Grail Reverb is loud, and the line 6 tap tremolo is loud too. The only reason i think the line 6 is loud though is because I'm using a boss adapter on it and I'm pretty sure the line 6 pedals use a reverse polarity switch. The pedal still works and turns on but it is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD. So I was looking at the voodoo labs pedal power 2. Is it worth it? I don't want to buy it and then have that nasty hum going on... Also... does the fact that it has a transformer in it mean that it is sort of a power conditioner? Let me know.


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    Your wall warts have transformers in them. No they are not power conditioners.
    Try to run the pedals that you can off of batteries and see if they are as noisey. If they are, that is just the noise they make. Make sure you use the proper power supply for this stuff, you will do harm over time and they won't work properly.
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