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Thread: New bass and Bass Pod Pro

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    New bass and Bass Pod Pro

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    I finally got the Geddy Limited Edition Jazz Bass and a Bass Pod Pro.

    The Pod Pro is a pretty amazing piece of gear. Just plugging it in and turning the basic dials gave very dintinct, clear and awesome sounds. It's almost overwhelming!

    The Geddy bass is the best bass I've played! I have 7 basses... some good and some not so good. Each one, I like for different reasons, like the neck thickness or the difference in tone. Not being a full on bass player, I don't have the technique to manipulate a bass to sound the way I need it to. The Geddy bass has everything I like about a bass in one package. The neck is even thinner than my Ibanezes..... and the tone is full and growly. It's a bit touchy but that will get better as I get better!

    Now.... if I want to compress the signal after the Pod Pro with an RNC, what would be the best way to do it. I'll be going straight to the computer through a Delta 44.

    Thanks in advance,

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    compressors usually come right after the guitar signal, try this

    guiutar -> RNC -> pod pro -> delta card

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