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Thread: miking/recording an upright bass

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    just looking for some input here on the best ways to retain the natural sound of an upright bass...ideally i would NEVER want to amplify it in any way because it sounds best totally acoustic...but I do use a pickup, a Fishman bp 100 thru a GK which gives me an alright sound...but it sounds a bit too metallic for my tastes...sometimes i use the Fishman acoustic bass preamp but that doesn't seem to help out too much....
    I would actually like to switch to an Underwood pickup, because everyone i've heard use it has a much mellower sound...the schecter (i think that's what it is) pickup is pretty good i guess the farther away the pickup is from the string and the closer it is to the wood, the better sound you'll get....
    another thing some upright players do with a fishman pickup is take a small Crown mic and put it in the F hole...i've heard though it's better to just use a large mic placed NEAR the f hole to get a good sound...
    when recording the bass, some people prefer to just mic the bass with the large mic, or do 2 mic and one direct with the pickup...
    has anyone out there who has recorded the upright bass ever come up with really good (or bad lol) combinations?


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    Do a search for Cello in all forums; there will be ony one topic found. Read the entire post. This should help you. After that, I may be able to help you some more with your own details.

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