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Thread: How to play guitar like an Armistice...

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    Quote Originally Posted by miroslav View Post
    Reason I asked about cam...I'm considering getting something newer. I have a pretty decent Cannon from the "mini digital tape"'s got a great lens and prosumer features, but it's not up to the true HD grade, though TBH, it shoots really good video. I also have a compact Sony (also uses the same mini digital tape cassettes)...but because of its compact size, the whole transport/eject mechanism is kinda quirky...though it too takes decent video.
    I keep planning to start doing video stuff again (I spent a few years doing that at one of my jobs)...but it's not a priority.
    AFA the editing...I use Vegas too. I keep meaning to upgrade to the current version...they keep sending me offers...but again, too many things in the fire, so the video stuff isn't a priority.

    AFA the $4k for the LP...naaa, I don't think it's a lot to spend AFA gear money goes...I just don't drop that kind of coin on a guitar, but I had no problem spending $4k on my Focal Twin6 monitors, not to mention all that other stuff I recently picked up that I told you about.
    My weakness is more for expensive guitar amps rather than expensive, Hagstrom simply doesn't make "custom shop" high-end, pricey models. I think if you paid full price for a new one at some high-markup store...the most you would spend on a Hagstrom would be like maybe $1700...and that would be too much, 'cuz you could probably find the same guitar elsewhere for like $800-$900.
    I also bought a lot of used at that point, it's a buyers market.
    I've got a Canon 6D DSLR which also does video but the times I've used it for this I've preferred the handycam - possibly because I've not understood how to get the best out of it - it does have the advantage of manual focusing instead of autofocus only, which can be a bit of a pain on moving targets. Like I said, if I ever get these songs finished, I want to get some home made YouTube quality videos done - I have two already which I think you've seen - where they were done by a friend's son who's in the film business and has a really good camera, but I had zero input into the creative process, given he lives 10 hours north, just showed up one day and did my stuff.

    Be good to do vids where I have a bit more control over the subject matter - it doesn't have to be a huge exercise.

    As far as gear costs go, I chuck $40-50 a fortnight into my gear fund and that adds up pretty quickly. At the moment it has $5K and nothing I particularly want to buy, so I'll just let it slowly build up - at some stage, when I get out of this apartment in the next couple of years I'll be wanting another amp or two, I expect...

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    Resolution is very misunderstood nowadays. You can buy a cheap Chinese wide angle sports cam that can shoot 4K video for 50 dollars, and you can buy a second hand SD quality canon or Fuji broadcast lens only on eBay for 500. That SD lens on a decent SD camera can look extremely good. It's a bit like when we went digital and 20-20000 Hz response was achievable when we struggled to get 15K before.number of pixels present says nothing about perceived quality. People now buy certain cameras and lenses for e overall 'look'. Use kit you can get the best out of.

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