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Thread: Hofner B Bass

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    Quote Originally Posted by spantini View Post
    When you get playing around the middle of the neck it really starts to sing I miss those sounds. I've tried several acoustic/electric bass guitars and they don't come close - actually, I dislike their tonal qualities.
    Thanks. I have to say, I've never heard a record or song where the bass sounded bad to me. Maybe because it's not suppose to be upfront. As long as I can hear it, and it's not popping up and down, I'm fine.

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    Here's some Hofner for ya..

    This concert was originally available on YouTube in it's entirety. Now it's all chopped up into segments that are hard to find. This particular version is the best as it's filmed as a movie - has the best sound quality.

    p.s. Abraham "Abe" Laboriel Jr. is a killer drummer

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    I have a Hofner Ignition B bass and I just love it. A couple of years ago I played with some guys who were playing high priced guitars, one was playing a Les Paul, one an American Strat, and the other had some other high priced guitar, I don't remember what it was. Anyway, my Ignition bass was every bit as great sounding and performing as those high price guitars. Being a guitar player of more than fifty years the short scale of the Ignition bass is very comfortable.
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    Being a big old Beatles fan I bought a Ric 325 Miami edition (not cheap) and a Hofner Ignition B-bass (fairly cheap) to basically hang on the wall in my "studio". I just had to have know? I have lots of other popular guitars and the Ric 325 is a VERY short scale guitar and fairly difficult to play IMO.....but does have that chimey Beatles sound through my Vox. While I do play guitar....I'm not a bass player at all so the B bass hung on the wall for years until a friend of mine who plays bass took it down to try it out. I was actually blown away by the sound and tone...especially played by an excellent player. He had done a number of my bass tracks previously and has since done a few with the Hofner. Love the sound...and that bass seems to be VERY versatile. It sounds great on lots of different genres. That old Beatles magic lives on.
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