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Thread: Fat Strat Squier or Fender Standard?

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    Arrow Fat Strat Squier or Fender Standard?

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    I am considering to buy a single coil guitar. I want the bite from the Fender.... thinking to replace the strings with thick ones....

    What should I go with considering that I will process with the PODxt... for HomeRecording only (no gigs).

    I own an epiphone with Gibby 57's.... I want the crisp clean sound of the Fender and I'm on a budget... please recommend something $150-$200.


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    if your in that budget, your gonna be getting a squire. Fender Standards are $349 and the AMerican made are almost a thousand. (heres not much difference between the American and Mexican versions except for bragging rights. Fat Strats are like $400. I have a Squire and im happy with it except it could use a little more power. If i were you, id save up for the Fener Fat Strat.

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