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Thread: Dual Purpose Guitar:

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    i actually went through what you're going through and came up with the following solution:

    A 22-fret maple w/ebony fret board, 4-bolt neck.

    2 coil-split Seymour Duncan humbuckers with a Seymour Duncan single coil in between them set up like this:

    Neck Duncan Custom Alnico II Vintage Duncan Mag Bridge

    I tried to go with a neck-through on a previous guitar and it just doesn't get the Strat 'in-between' tone.

    It was wired by a guy who knew what he was doing with a master Gibson/Fender switch - and then the standard switching/wiring for both those manufacturers - so I could pre-set my 'Gibson lead' selection (eg bridge humbucker) while playing my 'Fender rhythm' sound and switch between the two with one switch.

    Got great sounds from front single-coil (Tele/Strat SRV solo)) to front 'bucker (Chunky clean rhythm and nice round jazzy solo) to middle sinlge and bridge single coil (Knopfler) and ballsy bridge 'bucker.

    worked great.

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    I see your point about your use of a Wah to give you a different sound, but I am very basic in my approach to effects and equipment. I don't like to 'color' or otherwise alter the sound of my guitars, except for certain cover songs.

    I haven't changed my amp settings in 5 years or more and I still have every effect I ever purchased, dating all the way back to 1984. I have a DOD FX 90 Analog Delay, a Boss NS-2 Noise Gate, Boss Chorus and an old Arion Metal Master someone gave to me that I have never used. For volume control I use an old Ernie Ball Volume Pedal.

    I don't reset my amp for different guitars, I let the instrument's color come through. On my Marshall, the boost channel is tuned for the Hamer with PAF's.

    The gain is set at about 3 o'clock, the bass at 4 o'clock, the contour is at 1 o'clock and treble is all the way up. The sound is a grinding, heavy tone that still has a sharp edge on the top end.

    The clean channel is set up for my single coil Stratocaster, but it sounds beautiful when I play the Hamer through it. I sometimes use a little chorus, but again, it depends on the song.

    I consider myself a decent (technical) musician, but I place my greatest emphasis on sound quality. People will sometimes compliment me on my live sound, but I think it is more due to the simplicity of my equipment than anything else.

    My setup is so quiet it is unreal. I can play at high volume levels without feedback or hissing. Some of the guys I have played with have a myriad of effects and the sound between sets is like bacon frying. Heaven help them if they take their hands off the instrument to adjust a mike stand.

    I prefer a natural tone that allows the instrument's personality to be heard. It is just a matter of personal taste.


    I really like your approach and I think you know what I am looking for. My goal is to find a pickup that (in the Strat body) will give me the sound of a covered PAF with a distinct high-end snarl.

    I have huge hands. I wear a size 12 glove and measure 8" from the heel of my palm to the tip of my middle finger, so I love wider necks. I have been thinking about trying a Warmoth Super-Wide Neck and was concerned about string spacing and my choice of a pickup.

    The 22 pole pieces on the Carvin M-22 seem like a good idea and allows for string-to-string balance across the spectrum of sound, but it may not be a factor at the bridge.

    I am tossed up between the Duncan SH-4 JB and the M-22 SD pickups. Both great pickups, but it is hard to imagine how they will sound when they are in the guitar.

    I appreciate everyone who posted to this thread and I would love to hear your opinions and ideas on the choice of pickups...Bert

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    Out of the "box", the Ernie Ball Musicman Steve Morse guitar is very versatile in it's tonal options:
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