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Thread: Dual Guitar Tone

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    I think that there are some combinations of guitar and amps mentioned out there on the Internet; though I remember Butch Vig combined both diverse and the same guitar tracks for Nevermind... You still got to figure out the good sound.

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    It doesn't have to be complicated. You can get a good sound with two tracks of the same tone, but the tone has to be the right kind. Getting your distortion from those pedals is going to give you a fuzzy sound, which isn't what you are looking for.
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    It's going to sound terrible. Those guys use Marshalls, and Murray used an MXR Distortion+ for a long time... It's hard to really picture what it sounds like, but it seems like your guitar gear is pretty far from what people would use... How does it sound with each track panned at like 75%?

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