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Thread: Best acoustic guitar pickup?

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    For recording, like everyone said, use a mic. But if you aren't getting the sound you want with the mics you have or the room you're in, then yeah, maybe some artificial tone shaping might be in order.

    Instead of looking at pickups, look at acoustic guitar preamps like the Fishman Aura or the LR Baggs Venue.

    These units are meant for live application, but will work in the studio too. Then you go back to your original question... which pickup to use.

    Not helpful, sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chili View Post

    Not helpful, sorry.
    No, actually very helpful. You bring up a key point.
    Especially with piezo pickups, they're pretty much all the same. Cheap one, expensive one, it don't matter.

    Where the magic happens is in the preamp.
    A good preamp makes a world of difference.

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    Donít let Anybody tell you that you have to use a mic and never a pickup for acoustic recording. It can be done, it just depends on what kind of sound you are looking for.

    Personally the best Iíve ever used is an L.R.Baggs Anthem. I record with it all the time. That being said the sound works for me and may not work for you.

    I also love to put a sound hole humbucker thru a mildly overdriven amp.

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    What is the guitar, and what is your type of playing, IE strum, fingerpick, both, single string ??
    some pickups do not like strumming, they pick up way too much scratchyness from the hand movement, and sometimes pick noise as well....
    A quality Pre-amp can do loads to make your sound big and full, usually having a good parameter of adjustment to volume, gain etc...and the strings you use should be reletively new for depicting what the player and instrument are capable of. Many good tips here, it really depends on what you are after,.... true acoustic sound VS other types, like slightly overdriven etc... also makes a difference if you are recording direct in, or micing an amp, or doing live performance things....some pickups can do all of those, some are not able to do all ...

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    agree with the same... recording = use a mic
    Had a Roland Fender Strat that had a sim-sound that sounded more acoustic, than my acoustic amp/pickup.
    Thought I could get a electric acoustic DI thing and avoid my shit room but the pickups I tried all sounded like rubber band strings, unnatural and odd. I even tried the Neve Acoustic rare preamp thing to no real change.

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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