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Well Paj, you may want to change your post to say that your local luthier says, not that Martin says, that humidifiers are required before Martin will perform warranty work, That is not their official documented position (but I'm sure your luthier is more than willing to sell you a humidifier). Martin's published position is that humidifiers need to be used with caution. Additionally, there is nothing in their documentation that recommends them,
I'm not exactly sure how or to whom that "Snake Oil Salesman" applies, but I'll be happy to get a clarification from him that deals specifically with the issue you raise, since he deals directly with Martin for warrany repairs. For the record, he's never offered to sell me a humidifier of any type. He has told me of issues that he's had to both correct/repair for dessicated guitars and to address issues with certain types of humidifiers, including the proper use of those he has seen the most success with. It is his recommendation to humidify your guitar, even though it ultimately cuts into his bottom line. I certainly have no commercial interest in guitar humidifiers and I wish they weren't necessary---the maintenance is a PITA.