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Thread: 12-string Neck Stability

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    12-string Neck Stability

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    While I realize one experiences some problems due to seasonal changes requiring neck adjustments, I had a significant problem with the stability a certain brand of inexpensive 12-string guitars requiring the neck to be adjusted every time I changed the strings. I love playing 12-string, but hate the hassles of having to take it in to get the neck adjusted so frequently. What experiences have others in this forum had with these issues on 12-strings they have owned? Have they had this problem and, if so, how did they deal with it? If they haven't, how have they avoided the problem?
    Thanks for all input, inflammatory or not.

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    !2 strings have a lot of "pull" on the neck. Inexpensive models may not be designed to handle this properly. A couple of things you can do to help combat this are: Tune to "D" instead of "E". Also when changing strings, remove one string at a time and replace each one individually. This should keep a steady tension on the neck and keep it from bowing out of spec..
    Rick' 12s have two truss rods to help prevent this, and are designed to be tuned to "E". Most others can't handle the extra tension of being tuned to least not for long. They almost always "forward bow" and need adjustments.
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    If it needs adjustment that often, learn to do it yourself. It really isnt that hard, most of the time it takes a 1/4 to 1/2 turn in the right direction. It really isn't a big deal.
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    The only neck problem I have had with 12-strings was when I forgot to loosen the strings before a flight... when I opened the case it was dead as a doornail with a broken neck.

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