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Thread: What is a 'drum amplifier' ???

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    What is a 'drum amplifier' ???

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    I need a question answered, is has several parts. But it's been driving me crazy for a few years now. And I can't post links because I'm new... so I'll improvise.


    Can this device be used as a digital e-drum amplifier? What distinguishes this device from devices that are made to amplify digital drums such as these: *ROLAND HOME PAGE WITH PERCUSSION AMPLIFIERS* ?

    I've been told that 'keyboard amplifier's are similar to digital drum amplifiers, and so can be used-- Is this true? I've also been told that amplifiers can be irreversibly damaged by running the wrong instrument through them, even at moderate volumes-- if true, what is the mechanism of this damage?

    What properties should I look for in other devices (e.g. bookshelf speakers / powered monitors / headphones) to ensure that they are able to reproduce digital drums without loss of fidelity or range?

    Lastly, might there be a better approach for my application? I live in a 800sqft manhattan apartment, and would like the ability to jam at a moderate volume with some musician friends and colleagues.

    Finally, I recently invested in a tube headphone amplifier and was impressed with the improvement in experience. (I hesitate to say improvement in quality bc I understand that it's a contentious issue in the community) What kind of gear kit would I need to tube-amplify e-drums to powered monitors in my living room (some examples with links)?

    Thanks guys, even just a little clarification on this issue would be much appreciated.


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    No, it should not damage anything. Like plugging a bass into a guitar amp? The amplifier is NOT going to break.

    What is a drum amp? You got me. I use a P.A. system. Same that the Keyboard use. Consisting of at least, a mixer, power section, and speakers.

    Mackie makes a nice mixer board. Probably want 8-16 channels for drums. Depends on how elaborate you go. 16 channel boards are $100.

    Crown makes a solid powered amplifier. Figure stereo left right, solid state and 300-1400 watts of power at 8 ohms. Crest is NOT Crown.

    2 JBL speaker cabinets, want them 2-3 way design. 15-18" woofer and a Horn. At leat the watt rating of the amp at the ohm .

    I am not seeing a benefit to using a tube amplifier for this app. E drums could be a 2 channel operation too, the 16 channels might not be needed.

    Where tubes would color effectively is preamping the device with a tube preamp.

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