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Thread: Universal Audio (think twice before investing)

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    Universal Audio (think twice before investing)

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    Something to consider:

    UAD makes excellent products and you must pay premium price for them. Many folks happily pay that premium to get the gear and plugins. But what happens if their hardware fails or there is a customer service issue? How eager do you think they will be to keep you as a customer when they know you have invested $$ in their software? Not very eager at all in my experience (and others from what Iíve read). I requested a coupon or voucher when my interface onpletely stopped working after 4 years. After some respectful back and forth, the service rep literally suggested I may be better off using another company. They donít have to provide top tier customer service because they know they have you and youíll be back for more. Iím sure their market research bears this out. Youíre too invested in their ecosystem to quit them. Iím not saying donít buy UAD. Just something to consider when deciding how to use your $$.

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    great review and experiences should be posted.

    look what happened to Blockbuster when all they did was add fines on top of late fines...

    maybe the bean counters cut out the Customer Service dept and are now working on QC...or working on less QC? Isnt that the way it goes...

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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    sorry that happened to you. That kind of company-level thinking is a death sentence in the long run, but only time will tell.
    Hope you can find alternatives--- I'm a happy focusrite interface user myself.

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    The digital lifestyle is a death trap. Today, it's UA and plugins. The next thing you know, you'll need to provide DNA to record music. There is no privacy and one day the internet will destroy all of us. The Russians will use Nest to turn my AC off and Google will use AI to read my thoughts. It's all spiraling down hill and we're all going to hell in a hand basket. Your only option is to cut the cord and record to a Radio Shack tape deck. Or just take an acoustic guitar into a field and play like it's 1976. Just make sure the spy planes and drones don't see you. Or you'll be reported to the Forrest Service. Luckily, the young folks like this sort of thing and are all too willing to float down the river of big tech. Apparently, it's all about the experience. For my part, I'm planning on running my Apogee Duet into the ground until my Waves contract dissolves into thin air. Then I'll rely only on Logic and Apple plugins until the ghost of Steve Jobs hunts me down and forces me to buy a new operating system. Perhaps named after a mountain range or some large, wild feline. At that point, I'll simply jump ship and head to the nursing home where I'll hum punk rock lyrics and Doc Watson tunes. I hope they have decent soup and lots of valium.

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