Hi All,

I'm on here once again to pick your brains.

I own a Behringer DX2000USB mixer which I'm about to start using for live online broadcasting (the budget won't currently stretch to a dedicated broadcast desk).

This may sound like a strange question and all a bit cack-handed but, in the absence of being able to mute my studio speakers when opening the mic fader (unless I get the mixer specially modified), I would at least like to avoid the risk of horrendous mic feedback when listening to music being played back through my monitor speakers. Sometimes I want a break from headphones and like to use the speakers to listen to the music playing out however, if I forget to turn the speakers right down before opening the mic fader well, you guessed it...

On the mixer's top panel are two (L/R) RCA line out jacks which I use to connect the mixer to my monitor speakers. According to the Behringer manual, the two mic channels on the mixer are not routed through these and yet I can still hear my voice coming through the speakers (very softly, though: I have the monitors turned right down to avoid that feedback!). I've used both the line and the mic inputs on the mic channel but it makes no difference.

Is there a fault in the wiring or am I reading the manual completely wrong?! Any advice, suggestions. solutions will be very much appreciated as always