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Thread: Not another "which monitors" thread!

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    Not another "which monitors" thread!

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    Yes, it's another "which monitors" thread.

    Before I get started, please lay off the "room treatment" treatises. I know my room needs treatment and will post about it elsewhere. This is my monitors thread.

    The last kid's off to college, and I'm starting to have a bit more time for recording. I'm thinking about monitors before I get into it more seriously. I've been using a pair of 6.5" 2-way Infinity bookshelf speakers, power by a 50 watt/ch Yamaha receiver, with okay results.

    I suppose one could make a case for sticking with what I know, since any "real" monitors in my price range are going to be very similar to the Infinities. That is, I'm looking at 5" and 6.5" by JBL, KRK, Yamaha, and Adam. So, I suppose the first question is, should I even bother?

    The one argument I can think of in favor of buying "real" monitors is active biamping and the DSP and/or room adjustment EQ that they all have. Much more adaptable to my room than the Infinities' simple tweeter level control. Or am I overestimating the value of those little switches?

    My second question has to do with JBL's 3-series. People's suggestions for monitors are in general all over the place, but the 305 seems to stick out as one that gets a lot of recommendations. My question is, why no love for the 306? It seems like the extra woofer size can only be better, and the 306 is still reasonably priced, but no one every mentions them.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I can relate the "kids are kind-of-moved-out-and at least not in the house for awhile...." ...enjoy!

    my 2cents was from the gang here. 6-7...middle size gets it for a typical HR , 3ft EE triangle.
    8" is great if you can swing the bass, 3-4-5" getting pretty sparse on bass but with a subwoofer can all of a sudden sound better than others.
    10-12 too large getting into FarField….

    My experience was 6"...I dabbled in a couple 5" but there wasn't much bass, added a sub and was like .."that's amazing". I think theres a lot to be said for not constantly swapping out monitors, learn them etc...etc..

    my hobby studio moved around the house as the family grew and now its back to me...and Ive ended up in a closet with headphones, my DYNAUDIO's I wanted for 10yrs + I finally got an never use..funny how that happens? when I was 15 and hot for all this there wasn't the gear, now theres the gear and less music... now the rooms are available to come out of the closet!

    but the "room.."

    what little I mix I can do as well on my headphone amp + DT880 headphones and the "crossfeed" on the Reaper main buss.


    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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