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Thread: Korg Pa4X vs Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate Collection

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    Korg Pa4X vs Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate Collection

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    Hi everyone,
    I shelled out over 4,000 a couple years ago for a Korg Pa4X.
    I also have an old Korg D1600 Multitrack Digital Recorder.

    So I wanted the Korg to be able to orchestrate with realistic sounds but I find the strings and horns to be more on the "fake" side than I want.

    Also the Korg D1600 Multitrack Digital Recorder is so ancient and hard to use I'm finally going to get a DAW (reaper) and computer.

    So my questions are:
    (1) since i have the Korg Pa4X.... how does that stack up to the Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate collection. Is the Komplete vastly better in authentic sounds? I do a lot of strings, horns and orchestration for pop songs and need something better .. or maybe Korg Pa4X is fine but I have limited exposure to software so I just don't know it! - also need wide variety of drums- from REAL sounding to electronic sounds.

    (2) if I buy the Komplete 12- can I use the Korg Pa4X to run the Komplete software through or do I need to buy the Komplete Kontrol Keyboard to accurately use it.

    (3) What is a good computer that can handle all this recording- I do a lot of vocal harmonies and layering too. should it be a laptop or desktop- any recommendations would be helpful.

    I have about $5,000 to spend on creating a modern upgraded studio the best I can and move out of the stone age. I have great monitors and microphone. I have the Korg Pa4X which I'm not sure is good enough for recordings but great for performances i guess. I need computer, DAW (which I've decided on Reaper- although I've never used any of them!), and better authentic sounds for recordings.

    I know its kind of a strange question and maybe no one has compared Korg pa4x to Komplete.....but thought I would ask.


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    interesting the computer question might get answered in the other thread, seems theres some sharp gearheads on this topic.
    im clueless on the keys...

    $5000 is a good budget for a big upgrade.
    I don't know what old electronic gear sells for my 2488 dropped a lot in price but th DAW was a leave and never return.
    I have a cheap stock pc with maybe some memory added and can lay down many tracks and use 2-3 plugins on all tracks.
    Never done the record 14 things at once mode.? like a large slew of mics going to the DAW all at once with 15 to 30 waves being written all at the same time might be a lot more CPU power and RAM needed.

    enjoy the Reaper

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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