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Thread: Kali Audio LP-6

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    Kali Audio LP-6

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    Hello guys, first post in the forum so I hope to get some help.

    Recently purchased a pair of Kali Audio LP-6s and I'm pretty happy with them, until a couple of days ago. Here's what troubling me

    They seemed to be working really well I didn't think I needed subs because the low end seemed to be "enough" for my taste. That was before I went to get my ears irrigated. Now a couple of days ago when I went back to my office to listen to my monitors again, they just sounded...Off... Now I quickly pinned this to the fact that my ears canals just got emptied out but then I did used a test oscillator and started to slowly sweep through the frequencies only to find that at around 70Hz, the loudness seems to dip considerably. It was really strange. I understood that maybe having fresh ears they might have make them sound different to me but now it's like the 70Hz range isn't even there. (Now I'm not not sure if I'm explaining this last part right but) other frequencies are present and their levels are consistent to the monitors frequency response.

    Do I need to send them into a shop to get checked out? Or am I just missing something? Any advise or suggestions at all are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance

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    Sweetwater shows a frequency response graph for those monitors and they seem to have a fair dip around 100hz....back up a little around 80 or 90 and then a slow drop off.....which tells me that may be the “volume” issue you might be hearing. I suspect that you’re hearing the high frequencies better now that your ears are clean.....which also would lead you to think the low end is “off”.
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    I'm actually interested in picking up a pair of these soon. 70hz is not bad for a 6.5 " driver even though they are rated down to (35hz, which is probably well rolled off as was stated.) I doubt they are defective. Most 4" monitors claim they go down to 80hz and I cant even hear any significant bass from a 4" driver . If you need lower than 70 you'll have to go sub IMO.

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