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Thread: Help with Behringer Xenyx 502.

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    Help with Behringer Xenyx 502.

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    I have bought a Behringer Xenyx 502 to mix inputs from two different computers for home use, I got it set up but the audio is extremely quiet, audio coming out of my computer is maxed, the level on the input is maxed and the phones output volume is maxed but the audio is still very quiet. The second problem I have is that the audio is noticeably louder in the left ear. The balance is equal for both left and right channels but it doesn't fix the problem. The problem isn't the audio coming from the computer as when I plug my headphones in (ATH M50X's) the audio is very loud . Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    How do you have the computers connected to the mixer - what inputs are you using on the mixer? How are you listening to the mix from the mixer?
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