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Thread: Focusrite clarett pre2 with sennheiser HD600

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    Focusrite clarett pre2 with sennheiser HD600

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    Hey! Anyone has experience with focusrite clarett and sennheiser hd 600? I read it is able to drive the can nicely but beofre i buy it i wanted to get other opinions as well.

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    I spent 5 minutes looking around and Focusrite didn't mention a headphone amp specs, which means its probably nothing special and wants 32ohm standard headphones.

    You'll probably need a outboard amp for 300 ohm headphones to get decent volume, but I assume you already have read the same searches and comments, going back to 2017 ….with HD600, anc Clarett people tend to notice low output.

    1) buy a headphone amp
    2) buy different headphones
    3) get a different interface

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    I don't know the Focusrite specs either but I do use the HD600 cans and it's very rare that you can't get enough volume from them no matter what you're using. They do have a higher impedance but I've even tried them on my android phone and they're fine. In any case......those cans are EXCELLENT for mixing and mastering........and not for tracking of course.......since they're open. I say try them out with the Focusrite and see. If you're unhappy then get a headphone amp. Whatever you do.....use the HD600s.
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