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Thread: DMP3 deal

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    DMP3 deal

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    I was looking for a dual clean preamp for the Shure 849 pair of SDC I got. Then I want to compare recording in a couple rooms and see if the sound is huge or a minor difference.

    I could go into the interface, but a preamp will ensure the gain is strong and full.
    My Cloudlifter doesnt do condensors. The 1073 clone is mono...
    I thought about trying a couple clean preamps Ive never owned...the Grace M101 x 2 , Daking II ...all at $1000 ish. a bit too much right now.

    Then I recalled the M-Audio DMP3.
    So I bought one again on Reverb for $59.
    (+powersupply is a 9VAC with 2.5mm plug needed $14)

    Crazy thing is Id forgotten how loaded up this unit is. I had one in 2003, then shortly in 2019. But here it is again the DMP3.

    1)DUAL preamp
    2)Dual DI
    3)HPF filtering 75hz,
    4) CLEAN and the specs are in the Grace M101, RANE MS1 clean range of clean IC Chip preamps usng the same IC.
    5) It has a HI and LOW Gain setting.
    6) has +48V for condensors
    7) plenty of Gain
    8) cool VU meters
    9) Phase switches

    Clean is what I want for a acoustic guitar SDC pair.
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