Hi there,

I've recorded a bunch of demo songs using Reaper just so I can attract band members, which I've now got. For the demos, for the guitar I've been using VSTS for effects and amp sims, so now need something real for gigging. Here's what I need:

- Chorus, delay, reverb, overdrive, amp & cab sim
- Won't be changing effects during songs
- Possibly have different effects for each song if necessary so an easy way to switch patches would be good
- I'll be singing and playing so want to minimize any foot pedal pressing
- A looper that'll allow for easy record and repeat with me playing something over the top, and an easy way to stop it. Wont need overdubbing. Just record and play

That's it really, the main requirements anyway.

I've looked at loads of reviews of both the Digitech rp360xp and the Zoom gx3 and still can't decide. Reviews seem to suggest the RP360 is better for looping and patch changing cos of the available footswitch. The only drawback I can see to the RP360 is you can't use the drum machine with the looper which would have been nice just for coming up with ideas by myself at home.

I'm drawn to the RP360 but I dont know why. Looks simpler.

Anybody got any advice?