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Thread: Chameleon Labs 7603 preamp/eq strip

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    Chameleon Labs 7603 preamp/eq strip

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    I watched a few youtubes on this one but thereís not a lot out there. Anyone have opinions on this product? Itís priced at $699 and thatís about what I can spend. Recording acoustics and vocals.

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    Never owned that one, but man its really loaded.
    The DI is there. Added benefit.

    The transformer in and out, with impedance selection same as Great River 300 & 1200.

    Input & Output stages so you can do the Neve overdrive if you want.

    EQ section added immediately puts it up with the Daking Mic PreOne or 1073EQ clones which have the EQ for fine tuning a mic.

    the Price is at $700. If you are in the US you can buy Front End Audio and free shipping and no tax.
    Its brand new.

    Competition would be the norm, cheapest end would be Alctron $379 and the $700 range WA73 EQ. The WARM brings in the CARNHILL transformers, where the Chameleon offers them for XMOD +$150.

    Seems the WARM goes for more "clone" and the Chameleon goes for Neve-sh with better noise floors and its own thing a bit more modern, as Great River did their's in their own way kind of upgrading into the modern technology a bit more, with improved specs.

    man...any of those are probably far better than a interface getting a slice of a very expensive console.

    AML Neve 1/2 rack is $3295..
    AMS Neve 1073SPX Mic Pre / EQ is $1650..

    on a psychology couch GAS perspective, if you are going to flip stuff every 3 months like I do...cheaper can get you a taste of the Neve1073, all of them will do that.....if you are "keeper gear head" the Neve costs more but over 5years time the extra $800 is nothing really...$160 per year! more and the resale would be as good as it gets.

    my 2 cents...I think youve convinced me to buy mean good luck!!

    Alctron MP73EQv2 1073 Channel Strip Microphone Preamp and | Reverb

    Reverb has the Alctron 1073/Eq now for $379.
    Ive got the Great River copy, no eq, for $215 and its pretty decent, especially for a low usage hobbyist.

    ADD: another one is the SSL Alpha Channel- used same price $700 or cheaper.
    You get
    1. UK built
    2.w/ SPDIF I/O
    3. and a Lite Limiter.

    ..and the SSL name bling.
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