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Thread: A Challenge!

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    A Challenge!

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    I have struggled for several days to get a decent signal level via USB from a Yamaha MG12XU mixer. As much as I max everything on the input strip, I still end up with poor levels in my DAW. Iíve now given up and reverted to a stand alone interface (Focusrite).

    My challenge, should anyone choose to accept it, is this. I have performed multiple Google searches and looked at countless web pages and all I am able to find is a whole bunch of people with the exact same problem with the Yamaha MGXU series mixers. What I havenít found is one single (correct) solution from anyone! In fairness, some of the proposed solutions will be coming from people who may be unfamiliar with the mixer, but Iím only able to conclude that this is a great little mixer if you just want to use it as a live mixer, but itís USB qualities are severely lacking. Having said that, Iím also mystified how this isnít a bigger story, as the desk still sells well, so lots of people must be happy with it!

    My challenge is this please. Does anyone out there hold the golden answer to a question thatís been doing the rounds for three or four years now. Iíd love to know, as much as anything to satisfy my curiosity now. Someone must know, surely???

    Thanking you all in eager anticipation!!!

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    This thread looks like it’s heading the same way as pretty much every other website reference I’ve read about this issue. I’m beginning to suspect that there may be a massive, world-wide Yamaha conspiracy to hide the truth!

    Ah well, new interface is alreDy on order and on its way to me!

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    well interesting problem.

    but for one low response you are speaking of a specific issue on a very specific model and it would require someone with first-hand experience maybe relating to it.

    have you checked the Yamaha forums or somewhere there might be a explanation from Yamaha?

    Ive no idea what the USB and this model is, and it sounds like you've done a lot of searching on it. So if you find the answer, you might be the best one to leave "the Fix" post.

    I know when anyone says USB I instantly think, low power 5v with 500ma.... that's not much to power a bunch of devices and headphone amps and channels.
    The new USB -C is increasing the power considerably because we are plugging more and more into these ports.

    lol....the Yamaha conspiracy!! to fight the LOUDNESS WAR!!!

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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