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Thread: Bass DI - Radial JDI 5 Star Tool

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    Bass DI - Radial JDI 5 Star Tool

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    Grabbed a used JDI for $109 (+Texas 8.25% Tax rate. )

    Already had a shootout with a J48-2017, and the Interface and plugs sounded as good and all the other preamps and pre/DI sounded good too, I didn't think much about Bass DI being an issue.

    But then...

    while recording in my lazy hurried cables everywhere and small area rushed jam session adding a Bass track is when the "tool" of a DI was realized. Lazy? Hurried for no real reason? . I didn't want to mess with loading up my realtime plugins and tweaking with the mouse..
    So the real beauty of the DI passive box came to return for a test drive. To try something different the JDI box, Radial, J is for Jensen....used of course at GC for $109 and now with the silent US P-Bass 1986 I got for $529 that still has plastic on it.

    Review Rating: 5 STAR

    1= Simplicity at its finest, plug and go, don't even need Phantom power...
    2= Sound is confirmed by the massive other real bass players giving the great reviews and my own shootouts with my bass's,
    3= Tank Tuff built Tool is always a favorite
    4= Size, put it anywhere..done.
    5= Bling... the Jensen Transformer (first thing I did was open it up to confirm it wasn't swapped out)...yah neva knows bout dese dings..

    Goal accomplished.....plug P-Bass passive into the JDI, mic cable to the mic pre of the interface and to Reaper, which was showing a nice big clean fat wave, easy 5 STAR.

    I went back to 2017 files and the J48 and my other stuff still sounded ok, the JDI did not lose any highs vs the J48 with my 6ft of cable in this HR "booth" and I don't even need to spend energy pressing a Phantom +48 button. As I read about this , that's more for the 800 ft of cable for pro's and stages and all that. I have a 8ft max distance.
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    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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