HEADPHONES - sorry, can't edit title..

I was out driving around listening to some mixes in the car and stopped in a GC to rest my ears (what a mistake that was!). Anyway, this was a bigger store and they had a lot of headphones to try so I tried to shut out some of the noise and found I actually kind of liked the AKG K533 mkII set - not completely comfy but they sealed reasonably well and the 50mm drivers had some nice clarity in the bass that wasn't over the top.

Does anyone use these?

The one downside was they seem to only come with a coil-y cord, even though it is designed to be plugged in/out. For travel I guess? Apparently the previous version - "Pro" vs "mkII" - had a straight cord, but it wasn't removable. I've found having more than one pair of cans with coiled cords near each other is just trouble waiting to happen . (My Senn HD 280's have a fixed coiled cord so that's my limit in my little music room.)