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Thread: 20yrs later...SHURE KSM 32, 44, 27

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    20yrs later...SHURE KSM 32, 44, 27

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    I did some 44 and 27 time awhile back, kept the 27 but had some interest in the 32, then saw a great deal on a 44 so grabbed it. I think the 27 was $80, the 32 $278, the 44 $424...all used but excellent shape, near mint. Im patient in buying, so these prices are on the low side for 2017-19

    I think I can post these links.. thought someone might find the info helpful.

    MixOnline shows 1999 for the KSM32

    MixOnline shows the KSM 44 came next 2001
    Shure KSM44

    the KSM 27 2002 was the last of the least the original three of this style
    Shure KSM27, January 2002

    KSM 32 .75inch, cardioid only, electeret
    KSM 44 1 inch, multi pattern...dual diaphragm
    KSM 27 1 inch but cardioid sided diaphragm

    TRIVIA: KSM = Kondenser Studio Microphone, as in "this sounds European" (Shure site)

    Acoustic and Vocal comparison in my own below average HR room showed me interesting things.
    1) as I did a year ago between the 44 and 27, same capsule except 44 is dual....Im in Cardioid and the 27 sounds the same.
    2) The 32 is a different breed which to me doesnt have the sparkle as the other two but it seems to be more talked about and popular,
    3) Compared to my SM7 and SM58 its a different game, more separation and less pickup of the room and less clarity for the dynamics but at least until mixdown when the eq and plugs come out).
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