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Thread: ZOOM Rhythmtrak kick drum approach

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    ZOOM Rhythmtrak kick drum approach

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    Working on getting the kick drum sounds on a RT223 and would appreciate any tips/feedback from other Rhythmtrak users -

    Which of the kick options(#0-26)work best to get a good sounding kick w/enough lows/thud as well as beater sound?

    I'm finding that the kicks as a whole at the center 0.0 tuning produce more of a higher pitched click centered around 200Hz and have to be tuned up to about + 1.5 >3 to have more lows(paradoxically) in the sound...I've also tried tuning in the other direction but seems like the lower you go the more the higher overtones stand out....

    I'm working w/the different COMP/EQ patches and adjusting the parameters as well as running it into a Samson S Curve 1/3,octave graphic equalizer that to boost/cut in the usual kick drum focus areas(60-200 Hz/2-5kHz),also I'm recording using a Tascam DP008ex that has a good input compressor( as well as mastering multiband if I need to use this too just for the kick) I've got a lot of options for shaping things soundwise...+ done a lot of of online studying about things relating to getting the kick sound....

    Just want to find the way to get the initial sound of the ZOOM kick to be right before having to further process it...realize I could get into layering etc but initially am focused on finding the right combination of kick option # w/tuning range and COMP/EQ patch/settings adjustment to use as a basis for continued tweaking w/compression etc....

    Been getting good results w/the approach I'm using for all the other kit to find ways to emulate reference sounds for different ones i.e.heard the kind of crossstick/rimshot sound I wanted to use and was easily able to find where to tune #EXRIM 3 + which COMP/EQ patch/ EQ settings to use to get it....or looking for a hihat sound that had some of the metallic Avedis-Zildjian aspect and finding what combination produced it...but the kick has continued to be a focus...have tracks that are completed that after reviewing decided to redo the kick on so right now things are kind if at a standstill while I work on getting the kick to sound like it should within the range of acceptable sounds for it.....

    Thanks in advance for any help dealing w/this......
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